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My Addiction

♥Name - Vanessa, friends call me Nhess or Nhessie; but if you are a college friend, then I’ll allow you to call me Neng or Vaneng. :)

♥I’m nice and have a long patience… I can tolerate annoying people (hahaha) and it’s rare to see me angry at someone, but when I get mad… hmm… you don’t want to know…

♥I love my family so much… they are my life.

♥I’m an Arashi addict disguised as a travel consultant.

♥I love Arashi, Kanjani8, Kinki Kids and NewS.

♥My Korean ultimate crush is Jo In-sung.
♥My Japanese First love is Oguri Shun.
♥But My Japanese True love is Sakurai Sho!!!

♥Favorite Arashi songs: Believe; Crazy Moon; Truth; Boom Boom etc… etc…

♥Favorite Arashi Pairing: Yama Pair, Sakuraiba, Sakumiya

♥other blogsite: a-ddicted05.livejournal.com and a-ddicted.typepad.com

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